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"It absolutely breaks my Heart how our relationship has Turned out. I’ve now grow up to be an adult and you Know nothing about me, we can’t even have a Proper conversation with each Other because we are Practically Strangers. And that makes me so sad because you are my dad, you are Supposed to Love me and care about me, and be Proud of me. And are supposed to want me in your Life and you are supposed to Protect me, and teach me things about Life. But instead i find Myself completely lost in this world trying to do everything on my own, trying to teach myself things because i don’t Know any Other way, never once have you told me you are Proud of me, and it’s a rare event that you say you Love me, and even when you do say it you only say it over text or out of Habit or because you feel Obliged to say it. Actions Speak Louder than words and i do genuinely love you. But you have completely broken my Heart."

#BathTime #cats #video

why you wake me for!? #Cat
It’s safe to say i demolished this! #Food #date
Being excited for food mid chopstick snapping #me #wagamama
#DateNight with this cute Head @lostboymockitt at @wagamama
Presents From work Friends!!! #muffin
Perfect Night in!